Unleash Your Inner Beauty


A facial is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. A multi-step skin treatment, it cleanses, exfoliates, and nourishes the skin; promoting a clear, well-hydrated complexion that can help your skin look younger.

Skin care specialists recommend that people have a professional facial about every three to four weeks. That’s how long it takes your skin to move through the full life cycle of skin cell growth and exfoliation. A facial helps that process along. Regular treatments will keep your skin clean, clear, and toned.

1. Expert Skin Analysis

2. Professional Strength Exfoliation

3. Clean Out Blackheads and Clogged Pores

4. Intensive Hydration

5. Increased Circulation

6. A Scan for Skin Cancer

7. Stress Release

8. Unique Problem Solving

9. Professional Advice

10. Because You Deserve It!– A facial is just for you and will give you time to re-energize and clear your mind. Nourish your soul and pamper your skin in just a few blissful hours at the spa! Call today to book your appointment!

How to blow dry hair:

  1. Use Heat Protectant This can be an oil, serum, or spray that prevents damage to hair from the heat of the blow dryer. Work it through damp hair.
  2. Comb Hair Into Place The point of blow-drying is using heat to set hair where you want it. Before drying, define the part and general shape of the style.
  3. Brush + Blow Using a vented or round brush, pull sections of hair up and out from the head while blasting them with air. For thick hair or to straighten hair, try a round brush with both boar bristle to smooth hair and air vents to speed up blow-drying. For other hair types, a vented brush can do everything you need it to do.
  4. Upside Down For additional volume, if that’s what you’re going for, blow-drying in the opposite direction helps hair stand up. Try bending over so hair is upside down and blast the roots. For a side part hairstyle, blow against the direction that hair is parted in for the same result.
  5. Cold Shot When hair is fully dry and where you want it, set the look with a blast of cool air.
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Nail care guide: tips for maintaining nail health

Caring for your natural nails will always be number 1 in our books. Proper nail care and management should be an absolute priority when it comes to your beauty routine. Our hands are so often neglected and forgotten from our self-care, yet we use them daily for nearly everything! 

Here is a list of some of the best nail care tips and products to get to grips with:

  • Diet and lifestyle 
  • Nail and cuticle oil 
  • Hand cream
  • Filing
  • Cleaning your nails
  • Ask your doctor about biotin 
  • Give your nails a break between nail treatments

How to perfect the fan

Long, fanned lashes have become a staple in the beauty industry repertoire, and records of eyelash enhancements can be dated back to Ancient Egyptian times. Both lash and brow volume are two of the most defining ways in which we can alter our appearance, as these tiny hairs frame our faces and enhance our expressions.

With the growth of products such as mascara and false lashes, as well as treatments such as eyelash extension, creating a bold look with your lashes has never been more accessible.

Types of eyelash enhancements

Lash treatments have become more advanced in recent years, resulting in a repertoire of options to choose from when it comes to eyelash enhancement.

Popular treatments:

Eyelash extensions – This involves applying synthetic lash applications to the lash line, which, when completed, should merge seamlessly with the natural lashes and create a more defined, lengthened look.

Eyelash lift and tint – A lift and tint treatment will uplift and enhance your natural lashes, perfect for those looking for a more natural vibe as opposed to a full glamour look.

Hybrid lashes – Combining the best of both worlds, lash extension combines with volume technique to create the ultimate defined lashes.